The First Station complex is a success story of Jerusalem culture and advanced technology

The First Station in Jerusalem is the center of attraction for many visitors and tourists from all over the country and the world, which combines fascinating history, culture, leisure and lifestyle, and is connected to the vibrant and renewed pace of Jerusalem.

The values ​​of the First Station provide a rich concept of culinary and food space, cultural events, sports and leisure. These values ​​constituted a foundation and compass for the station's administrators, defining a vision of building a culture-loving community of returning visitors. This is in order to be the beating heart of the entertainment culture in Jerusalem under the slogan: to taste, to meet and to feel, to love.

In October 2016, as part of the implementation of the management vision, and in implementing the required marketing strategies, Boot Net installed a unique Wi-Fi solution, the first of its kind in Israel, based on the Purple cloud software, which gave the Internet access experiences for visitors a selection of marketing tools unique to the management of the First Station:

Branded, legal, secure, high-quality, user-friendly, functional access to the Internet. Build a large, high-quality data center based on extensive aggregate information obtained from the social networks and personal profile, location, uses and other information that will be accumulated in the system. Various tools for analyzing network activity and the information accumulated through various reports. Including analysis of visitor traffic through location analytics. Communicate directly with customers and target audiences through targeted and targeted campaigns via email, SMS and social networks. Empowerment of the digital tools for marketing the station compound as a premium brand in the entertainment and tourism culture in Jerusalem. Increasing access to the site's social and information sites and strengthening them as a tool and platform for information and service for visitors.The findings in the system indicate that within a year of the system's assimilation: Provided an Internet access experience for thousands of visitors each month. There was a 300% increase in the number of members of the station community, 50% of whom were registered via the social network. Dozens of information campaigns were carried out and tens of thousands of valuable emails were sent to members of the community. There has been a 55% increase in visitors' involvement on the station's Facebook page. There have been many insights into the areas of interest and visitor traffic at the marketing and operational level.As part of the project's support, Boot Net is joined from time to time to a thinking team that promotes and maintains the site's tremendous success, and provides the management of the First Station with updated information, insights and recommendations within the framework of the Customer Success program. Joseph Kandaiti, creative director of the First Station: The challenge of building a community of lovers of leisure culture in Jerusalem is a central vision in the daily work at the First Station. Purple has become an integral tool in our ongoing marketing activity and an exceptional means of analyzing the depth of the preferences of the thousands of visitors who come to us every day. Ziv Zeldin, New Media Manager of the First Station: Purple is a paradise for social media managers, and helped me greatly in the exposure, promotion and digital marketing of the First Station. The accompaniment and cooperation I received from Boot Net was quick, professional and very courteous.

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