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Easy WiFi access to your visitors, valuable information for your business.

BootNet WiFi helps business to interact with WiFi users effectively

A new look at the Guest WiFi

  • Create branded and easy to use WiFi
  • Promote services and products
  • Carry out surveys
  • Connect social networks and promote your brand along with satisfied visitors

Detailed Analytics

  • Analyze detailed information about your visitors
  • Understanding their behavior and preferences, you will be able to make better decisions
  • BootNet Purple provides detailed analytics and key metrics of visitor behavior in real time

Your WiFi is a powerful marketing tool

  • Create marketing and advertising campaigns based on portal analytics, geolocation and audience behavior
  • Knowing when, who and where, the interaction becomes appropriate,meaningful and useful for visitor
  • Connect social networks and promote your brand along with satisfied visitors.

Location based service

  • Tracking the movements and behavior of visitors
  • The ability to see visitors not connected to WiFi network
  • See popular areas of your space
  • Real-time reports
  • Interaction with user depending on his location in real time
  • Routing and navigation

Hyper relevant media ads

  • Promote services of partners or advertise products of third parties
  • Place ads based on users location, demographic and interests

Increase customer base

  • Portals CRM keeps actual database
  • Choose a time period for displaying information
  • Filter clients base by key indicators
  • Export data in CSV format
  • Integrate the portal with your CRM system via API

Surveys - valuable feedback

  • Easily create surveys for users during their WiFi authorization
  • From marketing research to satisfied visitors, they provide useful information that your business can apply
  • Connect TripAdvisor to uniQue purple and automatically receive reviews on TripAdvisor from visitors the day after their visit

Integration with API

  • All data about users is available through the API
  • Access the information allows you to integrate it with loyalty systems, CRM, ERP, BI and others
  • Get both new information about customers and locations, complement the existing one

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